AMCO Pest Control provides expert, reliable, safe and efficient Residential Services. It does not matter if your place of residence is rented or self-owned, you can count on us to eliminate all pests at your place of residence. Our Residential Services extend from single to multi-family homes, as well as apartments.

No one likes uninvited guests, especially if they are pesky pests! Don’t settle with yours, before you know it, they will get out of control. Call AMCO Pest Control today or get a free quote online. Be it annoying bed bugs, rats or mice, ants or fleas, we will help you get rid of them, for good!

Our well qualified and trained specialists will inspect your place of residence and find the source of the pest problem, after which the treatment plan will be devised that can always be customized as per your comfort and satisfaction. Rest assured, once we are called, your pests will be gone!