Ants are one of the most common structural pests in the GTA. Building structures provide them with shelter, food, warmth and water. They are often noticed in and around our houses. Ants are highly social insects and live in large colonies. There are mainly two types of ants in a colony, Queens and workers.

Ants scavenge for food in the garbage area and under unsanitary areas. They become disease carriers and can therefore spread diseases. Some ant species bite and sting which causes discomfort. Regular sanitation, vacuuming, garbage removal and cleaning can help reduce risks of ant infestation.

Ants, often when gone untreated, cause structural damage to buildings; they cause cracks in paths due to excavations. Some species of ants like Carpenter Ants can severely damage wooden structures and weaken the structural integrity of the building.

AMCO Pest Control can help you with Ants infestation in Toronto at your property by reducing their population in surrounding areas through our integrated ants control program. We also provide solutions to help you control and monitor the return of these ants in the future. We carry out a thorough inspection and report our findings.

We apply special baits formulated for ants control program and we apply dust to cracks and cavities created by ants. Our ants pest control in Toronto methods are eco-friendly and are used with your health and safety as a priority
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