Cockroaches find shelter, warmth, water and food in our buildings. If you notice any cockroaches during the day time, it indicates that you have an enormous population of cockroaches infesting your property.

Cockroaches spread diseases by transporting bacteria, they contaminate food with their excrements, and they harm the reputation of a business and often cause unpleasant odors.

AMCO Pest Controls specialist, upon thorough investigation and examination of your property, will promptly set up a guaranteed, safe and effective, elimination program to control the cockroaches. If you are looking for cockroaches pest control in Toronto, then AMCO is the best company where you can get benefit from their services.

We use special bait that is recommended for cockroach control. These are eco-friendly and cause no harm to your health and safety. The baits are applied in wall cavities, sub-floor, and hidden places. The specialist may also have to use a special spray which is highly recommended for the cockroach control program.

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