Birds find shelter and warmth in our buildings. There are several different problems associated with birds and we have solutions to all of them. Bird nests and bird mites which travel from the birds to us are the most common issues. Please do not hesitate to call in for some advice on a particular problem.

Birds can causes severe damage to buildings, machines, cars, ventilation systems and much more. They also cause diseases by their excessive droppings. Naturally, bird droppings are acidic and cause harm.

Nests of common birds like pigeons, starling and sparrow are often noticed around rain gutters and roof corners where drains are located. Every year several properties experience significant damage, sometimes even collapsed roofs, by water collection due to blocked drainage systems.

AMCO Pest Control will send in a specialist to inspect your property thoroughly and upon completion of the inspection, will provide you with the options which would be most effective. Methods to prevent bird nests in Toronto include proofing and netting the building. Other options also include deterrents such spikes and non-fatal shock systems.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who can easily evacuate bird mites in Toronto without any hassle. Our techniques and method for bird control program is quite professional with complete safety. As we measure safety first.

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